The Most Useful Christmas Gifts for Home Owners

At Christmas time, gifts should either be random but well thought out and not anything they’d ever purchase for themselves, or something practical that they need or might not be able to afford on their own at this time of year. To get someone a practical gift you need to assess the needs of their home and look for things that you think could really do with replacing. Find that inner snob in you next time you go for a… Continue Reading “The Most Useful Christmas Gifts for Home Owners”

Exclusive Christmas Shopping Days At The Big Toy Shop at Paultons Park

big toy shop

Paultons Park, home to Peppa Pig World have announced two exclusive Christmas Shopping days at The Big Toy Shop on Thursday 4th and Tuesday 9th December 2014, where the Shop will be open from 10.00am to 5.30pm for Christmas Shopping. Paultons Park’s Big Toy Shop is a shopping adventure like no other and is as much as an adventure for my children when visiting the park as the rides are.  Children enter the shop via their very own twinkling rainbow arch into… Continue Reading “Exclusive Christmas Shopping Days At The Big Toy Shop at Paultons Park”

Wauwaa – a new parenting website


When I was asked to try out Wauwaa I had no idea what it was! Wauwaa provides an online destination for parents to find information, multimedia content, and event-based e-commerce sales for all of their needs.  The website contains a comprehensive archive of video interviews with real parents on a huge range of subjects relating to pregnancy, birth and parenting, sharing genuine stories and experiences to help new mums and dads feel like they’re not alone. What’s more is it… Continue Reading “Wauwaa – a new parenting website”