LEGO Compatible Sticky Brick Tape Review

Sticky Brick Tape

Are your kids LEGO mad? A love of LEGO has been passed down through all of my children and I have fond memories of Callan hanging all his Star Wars LEGO creations from the bedroom ceiling, whereas Kian and Isaac have shelving to display theirs. Isaac is my latest child to go LEGO crazy and has his Dr Who and Ghostbusters sets on display on his bedroom on box shelves which look really effective. I was sent some Sticky Brick… Continue Reading “LEGO Compatible Sticky Brick Tape Review”

Low On Space? Storage Solutions That Actually Work!

Sometimes it can feel like the walls are closing in on us, can’t it? A home that once had plenty of space can suddenly fill up, perhaps due to a growing family or simply because furniture and belongings have multiplied over time. Does this sound familiar? Have you desperately been trying to find a way to make everything fit and are now contemplating a move, so you can get some much needed space? Well, before you rush into moving, why… Continue Reading “Low On Space? Storage Solutions That Actually Work!”