How to Make the Best Use of Your Space in Lockdown


The prospect of entering another lockdown and having to spend the majority of your time at home may seem daunting to some. But this is the best time to reflect on what you didn’t enjoy about staying in so much, and endeavour to make it a more pleasurable experience this time round. One of the most common ways to ensure this is adapting your home to your new lifestyle, and adjusting the space for a healthier living arrangement, for both… Continue Reading “How to Make the Best Use of Your Space in Lockdown”

Pimping our Shed!

pimp my shed

This year is the ‘Year of the Garden’ for us as every year we say we are going to sort it something always gets in the way. So far we have demolished the old rotten shed and hubby has built a shiny new one from Gardens Building Direct, which was not quite as easy as he initially thought it would be as the instructions were general rather than specific for our size and design of shed but we got there in… Continue Reading “Pimping our Shed!”

The Year of the Garden

We have lived in our house for 11 years now and every year we say we are going to do the garden, but every year something else crops up that makes us put it on hold. Our current garden is an improvement on what we moved in to as we have removed a huge 8ft high hedge, got rid of a rockery and put new fences up, however I long for a patio area so I can sit out in… Continue Reading “The Year of the Garden”

Eliza’s 3rd Birthday

Create a Bear

When I heard that Lemur Landings were launching their very own Create-a-Bear parties in the brand new Ted Shed I knew that would be the perfect birthday party for Eliza.  Not only did they get to stuff their very own bear, but they also got play time in the huge play frame. The children got to play in the play frame upon arrival which was a great way of burning off some steam before the serious task of choosing which… Continue Reading “Eliza’s 3rd Birthday”