TV series we have enjoyed watching during lockdown

The last three months have been challenging in many ways, but one thing we have enjoyed is getting to watch lots of great TV. We are big fans of binge watching series in a few days anyway, but we have had a real opportunity to watch more, although we still have a long list of things we want to see before everything returns to normal. Here are some of our favourites that we have watched recently: Netflix White Lines Zoe Walker leaves her quiet life in Manchester behind to investigate her brother’s disappearance in Ibiza, where she quickly heads down …

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Hide and Seek Holly Review

Eliza has been Ben & Holly mad since she was 2 and her fondness for the program doesn’t seem to fade as others have. If you have not seen Ben & Holly it is a children’s animated cartoon that is set in an enchanted magical kingdom with fairies, elves, insects and even big people! We were sent Hide and Seek Holly to review and Eliza couldn’t wait to get her out of the box!  She is soft and cuddly and has the added bonus of being able to play Hide and Seek thanks to her Magic Remote. Sadly Holly and …

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matt hatter

New Super Villian Action Figures for Matt Hatter

Matt Hatter is a popular CITV series will return to our screens this September with a brand new series! Matt Hatter follows a 13 year old school boy whose life is changed forever when he discovers his family defends a gateway to a different dimensions called the multiverse. In a quest to protect the multiverse and save his grandpa, Matt and his two best friends Roxie and Gomez, have to defeat and capture a powerful mix of infamous villains from movies, myth and legend. The all new Matt Hatter Chronicles toy range – Super Villain action figures, will hit stores …

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