Sebby Canoe

Now you are six

I cannot believe that Sebby has just turned 6! He is the youngest member of our family and it doesn’t feel like five minutes since he joined us. Sebby is currently in year one at school and is thriving, as he has a real thirst for knowledge. He is also our fearless one and will try anything, even rollercoasters, at least once. In fact he is often disappointed that he is too small for the more thrilling rides. He loves playing games on the iPad or Nintendo Switch, with his favourites being Super Smash Bros and Plants vs Zombies. TV …

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1st Day of School

Sebastian’s 1st Day of School!

Today is the day! It is Sebastian’s first day at school. Like thousands of parents I took him in to school, found his peg and ushered him inside the classroom. He didn’t look back! He is so ready for school, keen to join his big brother and sister and of course see all his friends from Nursery. It felt very strange being in that classroom which was filled with children I taught at pre-school just 6 weeks before. They all looked so grown up in their uniform, most relaxed and happy that they were with friends again and some feeling …

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