Making the Internet Work for Your Family


Not many of us can imagine living without internet. From online gaming and streaming TV, to our smartphones and even home digital assistants, we use the internet far more than we think. There are a lot of scaremongering stories about the internet making us unhappy, stupid, or both but this is quite an extreme view to take when it comes to something that ultimately makes family life much easier overall. Read below to discover how to make the internet work… Continue Reading “Making the Internet Work for Your Family”

How managing screen time can improve your child’s behaviour


When my older kids were young, mobile phones and the internet were in their infancy and the only screen time we had to manage was how may times they had watched The Little Mermaid or Lion King on VHS that week. Now that I am also a parent in the digital age, battles over screen time and devices have become a depressing part of family life, and knowing how much is too much has become a moving target. I remember… Continue Reading “How managing screen time can improve your child’s behaviour”