100% Attendance

Back to school

It has been exactly three weeks since Isaac and Eliza went back to school. Like many schools the kids are positively encouraged to get 100% attendance over the school year with not only house point rewards, a teddy presented to the class with the best attendance on a weekly basis, but also the promise of an end of term treat at Sprinkles, a popular ice cream parlour in Bournemouth and Poole. Both Eliza and Isaac had good attendance last year,… Continue Reading “100% Attendance”

Oh, the Places You’ll Go

Back to school

Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away! This year, Asda & George are working with Dr Seuss, championing the favourite line, ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go’ and those special, everyday moments a child and their uniform goes through. The George uniform offering has a brilliant range of hi-tech items, including everything from micro fresh shoes to avoid odour, reinforced knees, non-iron shirts & stay bright / white colour enhancers, to stain resistant Teflon trousers and… Continue Reading “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”

Why do girls perform better than boys in school?


You have no doubt heard it said that girls normally do not do as well as boys in maths or science, and that girls get better grades in languages and humanities. These assumptions have been bandied around for so long that some parents and teachers accept them as fact. However, instead of blindly accepting these statements, you should ask yourself whether there is any concrete evidence to support them. Well, according to research, the reverse is actually true. Girls tend… Continue Reading “Why do girls perform better than boys in school?”

With love and room to play, they will be ready!

Asda School Uniform

Where has this year gone? We are fast approaching the month of June which means that it is only 3 months until the next wave of children start their journey into school life. Although we have another year to go until Sebastian starts Reception, he will be joining Eliza and Isaac in their school as part of the school Nursery from September and today we had our first meeting with his teacher to begin the transition. Sebastian adores pre-school and… Continue Reading “With love and room to play, they will be ready!”

Turning a corner!


Isaac doesn’t have the best record at school and I have been ‘that‘ parent who the teacher wants to have a word with at the end of the day or called into school more times than I would like to admit. In fact it got to the stage where I dreaded the phone ringing or making the trip to collect him from school. We did get to the stage at the end of last year where we considered changing his… Continue Reading “Turning a corner!”