Keeping kids being mobile safe at school

Mobile Phone

I am often asked at what age we gave the kids their own mobile phone. In my mind, the perfect age is when the kids start secondary school at the age of 11 as they start walking to school by themselves and means they can get hold of me if there is a problem, or I can reach them if I am worrying because they are running late. When Abbey and Callan were younger, mobile phones were used to make… Continue Reading “Keeping kids being mobile safe at school”

Last minute school uniform shopping!

Startrite Shoes

I am normally the most organised people when it comes to back to school shopping. Working in a supermarket for years made me realise that if you don’t get the school uniform at the beginning of the summer, the sizes you need are normally sold out by the end of August. This year, however, all my best laid plans have gone out of the window and I am really disorganised. As soon as we got back from Disney I placed… Continue Reading “Last minute school uniform shopping!”

Back to School with Sambro

Batman Backpack

Can you believe that Sebastian starts school in September? He has been at the school nursery for the last year, so it doesn’t seem quite such a big jump, however, instead of his white polo shirt he will be joining Isaac and Eliza by wearing a shirt and tie. There are still a couple of important decisions to make though. He will be staying at school all day for the first time which requires a new lunchbox, waterbottle and that… Continue Reading “Back to School with Sambro”

Settling in to the school routine with Highland Spring #TermTimeEssentials

Highland spring

It has been almost a month since the kids started back to school and I am relieved to say that they have settled in well. Last year we had some issues with Isaac at school and had to work closely with his teachers on how to settle him and make him comfortable and happy to be in the classroom. It was a bit of trial and error at first, little things such as too much noise or not wanting to… Continue Reading “Settling in to the school routine with Highland Spring #TermTimeEssentials”