Learning to swim in open water

Living by the sea, I feel that learning to swim is a vital skill and all my children have had swimming lessons at one point or another. It is also worth bearing in mind that there are a number of differences between swimming in a pool and open water and just because you’re a strong pool swimmer, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be good at open water swimming. Whether in the sea, river or lake, the skills involved in keeping safe… Continue Reading “Learning to swim in open water”

Swimsafe with the ASA and RNLI at Shore Road


I am a firm believer that all children should learn to swim and as we live by the coast it is especially important for mine to understand the differences of swimming in open water to that of a swimming pool. Whether by the sea, river or lake, the skills involved in keeping safe in open water are different to those in an indoor pool, where most swimming lessons take place. The ASA and the RNLI run the Swim Safe programme of improver… Continue Reading “Swimsafe with the ASA and RNLI at Shore Road”

Making a Break for it!


We are a very outdoorsy family and normally a little bit of rain doesn’t stop us from getting outside, however when that rain is constant and torrential like is has been almost constantly for weeks, even we stay indoors. On Sunday the day started as it had been for the previous week – raining, however my weather app predicted a two-hour break between 2pm and 4pm so I bundled the kids in the car and made our way to the… Continue Reading “Making a Break for it!”