Top Tips to make your bathroom baby proof


Your bathroom is a slippery area full of potentially dangerous items that can endanger your little one. Baby proofing your bath or shower room is just as important as baby proofing the rest of the house. Here are a couple of tricks and tips to keep your bundle of joy safe and out of harm’s way while in the bathroom: Door lock A small child should not be left alone in the bathroom without supervision. Objects such as detergents and… Continue Reading “Top Tips to make your bathroom baby proof”

Win a Dreambaby® Ladybug Battery Operated Night Light


Loving in its appearance, and practical in its comforting functionality, the Dreambaby® Ladybug Night Light is the perfect companion for infants and small children as they drift off to sleep each night. Brimming with features, the ‘One Touch’ on/off operation is really easy for parents or children to use at bedtime and throughout the night if or when needed. Once turned on, watch as your child’s bedroom is gently lit in a warm glow, providing enough light to see and… Continue Reading “Win a Dreambaby® Ladybug Battery Operated Night Light”

LockBlock Knife Block Review


As a parent with young children at home and a childminder, safety is paramount in our house.  In fact sometimes I think we are over-cautious as we have door locks, fridge locks, plug covers, safety gates and door cushions all over the house.  Sometimes it is frustrating getting past these things, especially when you are in a hurry. When it comes to sharp kitchen knives I used to hide them away in a drawer but my kids are inquisitive monkeys and… Continue Reading “LockBlock Knife Block Review”

New Shoes, for the car?

 Who doesn’t love a new pair of good quality shoes? That feeling when you slip your feet inside them and admire them in the mirror cannot be beaten and you walk around with that “new shoe smile” all day! Cars don’t have feelings, but they need new shoes too and you still get that warm glow looking a the lovely set of gleaming black tyres when you take it away from the garage, or after having it washed! I am… Continue Reading “New Shoes, for the car?”

Tyre Safety Advice for Parents


Hello everyone! I’m Ross Miller, an expert in tyre safety. I have always had a passion for cars and have a keen interest in cars, Formula One, auto parts and writing. I understand how incidents from reckless driving to tiny carelessness can cost a life and hence am writing about the safety measures mums can take while driving! The last thing that any mum wants when on the road is a tyre blowing out which can be extremely nerve-wrecking for… Continue Reading “Tyre Safety Advice for Parents”