A new range of rugs from Carpetright


In our home we have vinyl flooring that looks just like laminate but is more forgiving to spillages and any little tumbles that happen.  For the last two years, since Sebastian arrived, we have had our padded Toto Kidogo mat in the lounge with it’s bright jazzy road pattern that the kids love to play on. A couple of months back, with Sebastian’s toys getting smaller as he grows up, we decided to create a playroom where the dining room… Continue Reading “A new range of rugs from Carpetright”

Why it is so important to remember you live in a Home, not a Showroom

Kingston Lacy

We all like to have a chance to show off every now and then, whether it is in the way we dress, the job we do, the car we drive or the knowledge we may have. Much like a peacock showing the world its feathers, when an opportunity to shine comes along it may seem such a shame not to take it. Life is far too short to be a shrinking violet. It goes without saying that we often feel… Continue Reading “Why it is so important to remember you live in a Home, not a Showroom”

Win a Tweedmill Bright Spotted Fleece Picnic Rug

I have been a fan and a customer of The Beach Factory since 2012. All my children have UV Sun Protection suits / tops from there, which they lived in throughout the summer months. The tops / suits have protected them on our many visits to the beach in the summer months and when the older boys went kayaking / coasteering along the Dorset coast. The Beach Factory don’t just sell UV Protection wear.  They are your one-stop shop for… Continue Reading “Win a Tweedmill Bright Spotted Fleece Picnic Rug”