Green People’s scent free skincare range

Green People Range

Regular readers of my blog will know that I suffer with both Psoriasis and Rosacea which means that finding the right skincare for my skin can be a bit of an uphill battle. I was approached by Green People to try their scent free skincare range which has been specifically designed to be ultra-gentle on sensitive skin, and suitable for skin affected by eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea. With fragrance considered a trigger for Rosacea, their sensitive range is not only scent… Continue Reading “Green People’s scent free skincare range”

Treating my Rosacea with an IPL Skin Rejuvenation Course

MSC Cruise Line

I have suffered with Acne Rosacea for over ten years with my main symptom being facial flushing. Rosacea is very common in people with my skin type – I am fair-skinned with a tendency for rosy cheeks. The symptoms of rosacea are extreme redness of the cheeks, spots, raised bumps and dry, sore eyes.  Triggers include stress, exercise, alcohol, spicy food, sunshine, central heating, cold etc – in fact I often joke that “life” is a trigger. I have been… Continue Reading “Treating my Rosacea with an IPL Skin Rejuvenation Course”

Shopping for skin care with Chemist Direct

La Roche Posay

Regular readers of my blog will know that I suffer with Acne Rosacea and very sensitive skin that flares up in the slightlest instance, so finding products that don’t make it worse has been a challenge. Last year I did a review on La Roche-Posay products and I found the skincare range that most suits my skin, so when I was approached to do a review for Chemist Direct I was excited to see that they stocked a good range of… Continue Reading “Shopping for skin care with Chemist Direct”

What can I do to help manage rosacea?


I have been struggling with Rosacea for some time now and all the medication I could have whilst breastfeeding didn’t seem to do anything to help my symptoms, so when I stopped breastfeeding a couple of months ago I was eager to try some of the more powerful tablets to help manage my condition. Rosacea is characterised by a wide range of skin symptoms, including: redness and swelling; flushing; the appearance of blood vessels through the skin on the face;… Continue Reading “What can I do to help manage rosacea?”

Act on Red

All the way back at the beginning of April I was invited to a round table on the subject of Rosacea. I have blogged about my battle with Rosacea before and it is a condition that really affects my life. During this round-table with fellow bloggers, including The Olivers Madhouse and Franglaise Mummy, beauty experts and the beautiful Dr Ellie Cannon we discussed the condition, its triggers, treatments we had tried and the emotional impact that it has on our lives. Although… Continue Reading “Act on Red”