Fun, Educational Quizzes for Children

My kids love playing on all forms of technology and adore it when the teachers set homework on Mathletics or Spellodrome. It always amazes me how much time they will spend on there, challenging each other or playing educational games with their friends or people from other countries. As we approaching a 3 week break for the Christmas holidays, much as I think they do need a break, I also want to keep their brains ticking over so getting them to do… Continue Reading “Fun, Educational Quizzes for Children”

BBC launches new exam revision app for UK teenagers


As Kian, his classmates and thousands of teenagers prepare for their GCSE and Scottish National/Higher exams, BBC Learning has launched a free app delivering Bitesize revision flashcards direct to smartphones. I don’t know about you but I am sure the kids are being pushed much harder for results than we ever were. Kian has had to attend revision sessions at school over the Easter holidays and next week they are keeping him at school until 5.30pm for extra revision sessions.… Continue Reading “BBC launches new exam revision app for UK teenagers”

Our Revision Tips for GCSE Exams


We have been building up to the dreaded GCSE’s for what feels like forever but suddenly it seems to be looming overhead and it is just 58 days until Kian will be sat in an exam hall with his peers. The mock exams are done and I have to say I am impressed with how Kian coped with them but I know the real exams are more stressful, after all the mock exams are there to see what extra revision is… Continue Reading “Our Revision Tips for GCSE Exams”