Keeping the kids feeling and looking cool with Reima this summer


Keeping kids cool on hot days can be a challenge. On hot days and during exercise, excess body heat causes sweating which is our own cooling system, and to keep it working, it is important to drink enough water. But sometimes this is not enough. Wearing less clothes helps, as sweat can evaporate better, but taking off all clothes is seldom possible when out in public, and with such a focus on sun safety, would also expose more skin to… Continue Reading “Keeping the kids feeling and looking cool with Reima this summer”

What is the best age to move from a 3 wheeled scooter to a 2 wheeled scooter?


Sebastian turned six at the end of June and when asked what he wanted for his birthday he asked for a new scooter. Sebby has had his Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter for three years and loves zooming around on it, so our first thought was to upgrade to the Maxi Micro Scooter, which has been scaled up for larger and more powerful children, with a more robust frame, longer adjustable stem, wider and stronger deck for bigger feet and a… Continue Reading “What is the best age to move from a 3 wheeled scooter to a 2 wheeled scooter?”

A visit to Futuroscope with kids


When we booked our holiday to Puy du Fou, we decided to extend the break by a couple of days and head to another theme park that had been recommended to me – Futuroscope. Futuroscope is just under a two hour drive from Puy du Fou, just north of the city of Poitiers in North West France. Where Puy du Fou is based on the history of France, Futuroscope is the polar opposite and is based upon multimedia, cinematographic and… Continue Reading “A visit to Futuroscope with kids”

I’M A STYLIST Styling Head – Review


Do you remember Girl’s World growing up? I remember I used to love mine and would spend hours styling her hair and doing her make-up. Eliza is now 8 and is at the age where she is starting to care about and experiment with her appearance, so when we were invited to review the brand new I’M A STYLIST Styling Head – Lucy, from I’M A GIRLY, I knew she was going to love it. The 33-cm tall beautiful styling… Continue Reading “I’M A STYLIST Styling Head – Review”

A springtime family stay at Talhenbont Hall Manor House

Talenbont Hall Aerial Image

During our Easter break in North Wales, we were invited to stay at Talhenbont Hall, a stunning 17th Century Elizabethan Manor House located in the heart of Snowdonia. Nothing quite prepared us for what we were about to see, from the gates that gently swung open, allowing us into the 100 acre estate to the house coming into view for the first time. From the moment we walked into the front door there was a “Wow” moment around every corner.… Continue Reading “A springtime family stay at Talhenbont Hall Manor House”