How to Know When You’ve Finally Found the Right One


You’ve been hoping to meet that special someone for a long time. How do you know if your relationship is on the right track and you’ve finally found Mr. or Mrs. Right? Should you commit or wait to see if someone else comes along? If you do commit how do you know your relationship will last? No one can guarantee that any relationship will last forever, but there are some signs you can look out for which are a good… Continue Reading “How to Know When You’ve Finally Found the Right One”

Helping your teen deal with a break-up


Parenting teens can be really hard.  Not only are there all the emotions to contend with but life does get more complicated the older you get and when you add a first love in the mix! Most of us can remember how painfully sad we felt after our first breakup.  I know I certainly didn’t take it well and went to pieces with my mum and step-dad unhelpfully telling me it wasn’t real love and there was plenty more fish… Continue Reading “Helping your teen deal with a break-up”