Keeping the kids feeling and looking cool with Reima this summer


Keeping kids cool on hot days can be a challenge. On hot days and during exercise, excess body heat causes sweating which is our own cooling system, and to keep it working, it is important to drink enough water. But sometimes this is not enough. Wearing less clothes helps, as sweat can evaporate better, but taking off all clothes is seldom possible when out in public, and with such a focus on sun safety, would also expose more skin to… Continue Reading “Keeping the kids feeling and looking cool with Reima this summer”

Reima Sydvest 3-in-1 mid-season jacket review

Reima Eliza and Seb

Finding the perfect jacket for kids can be a challenge. As a family who spend a lot of time outdoors, we were on the lookout for something that is not only water and wind proof, but something that will keep the kids warm on cooler days and something they can wear in the rain during warmer summer months. Tough ask!! We were invited to review the popular Sydvest multi-fuctional jacket by Reima. It is a mid-season jacket for kids which… Continue Reading “Reima Sydvest 3-in-1 mid-season jacket review”

The Reima’s #millionhoursofjoy Challenge


As the kids get older, getting them outdoors gets more of a challenge. If your kids are anything like mine, they moan about leaving the house; “just one more level” on their computer game or “do we have to come, it’s boring“. Yet the moment we reach our destination, they are out the car like a shot, running, laughing and using their imaginations to create their very own adventures. Sometimes it is all to easy to stay indoors, but I… Continue Reading “The Reima’s #millionhoursofjoy Challenge”