Introducing UNTAMED™ – ferocious raptors from Fingerlings


Fingerlings we a huge hit last year, with Eliza and Sebby having them at the top of their Christmas lists. If you are not familiar with Fingerlings, they are baby monkeys that cling to your fingers and go where you go and are packed with over 50 animations to charm and entertain you. Sebby tired of his quite quickly, but Eliza adores them has now adopted Sebby’s fingerling and still plays with them regularly, hanging them off a swing and… Continue Reading “Introducing UNTAMED™ – ferocious raptors from Fingerlings”

Liberty’s Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre

I have been meaning to visit Liberty’s Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre for years, but have never got round to it for one reason or another, so when my friend Joanne from Charliemoos spotted a, not to be missed, special offer on Living Social we bought our tickets and set a date to visit. The centre is signposted well from the main A31, but isn’t from the back way in and I managed to miss my turning but I got… Continue Reading “Liberty’s Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre”