Beach fun

Project 365 2015 – Week 2

This week has been a week of trying to get back into a routine.

The kids returned to school on Tuesday and fell back into their routines fairly easily however we are still struggling with Sebastian.  Before Christmas he took his daily nap in the morning, however he has moved himself to the afternoon, which has resulted in him not wanting to sleep until 10pm at night.

I also increased my working hours which means I am backwards and forwards to the school 4 times a day – why they have different finishing hours I don’t know!

The weather has been pretty wild this week, however on Saturday we saw a break in the clouds and headed for the beach.  The stormy seas had made a ridge in the sand which Isaac and Eliza had great fun jumping off, whilst Sebby enjoyed drawing in the sand with a stick.

Here is my week in pictures:

week 2

4.  I am determined to be more organised this year and have a notebook and diary on the go!

5.  Enjoying soft play

6.  First day back to school

7.  Beautiful sunrise

8.  Not wanting to sleep so playing with random toys

9.  Testing out his new Toddlepak

10.  A fun day at the beach assessing the storm damage

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Project 365 2014 – Week 51

On Sunday we had a review to to of our nearest Brewers Fayre in Weymouth, so we made a day of it and visited the Sealife Centre and the Sealife Tower.  As both places were almost empty Sebastian got to explore on foot for the first time and revelled in being able to toddle around.

The final week of school has had its ups and downs as the kids have entered hyper mode.  The school nativity was brilliant and both my little stars performed beautifully.

This week also saw three Christmas Parties which resulted and Isaac and Eliza both being ill after eating far too much rubbish but thankfully they are all better now.

Wednesday and Saturday are most certainly my favourite days this week, why?

On Wednesday we celebrated winning a Mark Warner holiday with tea and biscuits and Saturday saw us heading to Coombemill for Christmas.  Apologies if I spam your timelines with festive photos this week.

Here is my week in pictures:

Week 51


347.  165ft in the air on Weymouth Sealife Tower

348.  My Star and my Angel Gabriel on stage together

349.  Walking to school for the first time (Sebastian that is)

350.  Celebrating my Mark Warner win with tea and biscuits

351.  Coombemill countdown

352.  The elves decorated the tree outside school on the last day of term

353.  Isaac proudly standing next to the Christmas tree he decorated by himself at Coombemill

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Project 365 2014 – Week 49

It has been a challenging week in the Chelseamamma house this week.

Firstly we have has some school issues with Isaac which came to a head on Tuesday and he was sent home from school at lunchtime.  Like most good schools they understand that children develop at different rates and we are working closely with them to try and see what his triggers are. I have been reading the Preshil website for some ideas on how to help him too. It does seem that it was the shock tactic he needed as he seems to be a changed boy since and even came home with the class teddy on Friday for turning it around and being a superstar.

The rest of the week has all been about the school fayre and I have been busy collecting prizes for the raffle and help decorate and organise the event.  Thankfully it was a hit and we raised lots of money to help rejuvenate the school playground.

Here is my week in pictures:

week 49


333.  Sebastian’s buggy had sticky wheels and I actually managed to fix it.  We took Sebby out for a test drive and he promptly fell asleep.

334.  Eating a Frollipop at swimming

335.  Scrunching through leaves on the way home from school

336.  Playtime at the beach whilst mummy was picking up raffle prizes

337.  Santa’s Grotto at the school taking shape

338.  Swimming lessons with Sebby

339.  Off to dance class

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Project 365 2014 – Week 46

I can’t believe it is only 5 weeks until Christmas – where has this year gone?

We started this week on the final day of our weekend break in Bluestone, Wales.  Kingdom of the Elves was amazing and the kids adored working to make Charlie’s special Christmas toy.

Thankfully the rest of the week has involved far less travelling but busy nonetheless.

Monday saw us enjoying the pantomime that is WWE.  I didn’t think I’d enjoy it but actually its great fun.

Tuesday was parents evening for the little ones with varying amounts of success – Eliza is super confident and adores school, whereas Isaac is well above average in his studies but hates putting pen to paper and can be disruptive, especially when he doesn’t want to do something.  We have lots of plans in place to support him, so I hope we can turn a corner.  Once the kids were safely tucked up in bed, I got to go out and try on lots of lovely shoes at the local Hotter Shoe event.

Friday saw us doing the Bournemouth #pierzip in the dark, which is a completely different experience but just as exhilarating.

At the school disco last month, both Isaac and Eliza asked if they could start doing dancing lessons and I have finally found a local one!  We had our first lesson on Saturday and they adored it……….is it wrong that I wanted to join in too?  We then headed to Southampton to pick up Daddy’s iPhone that had gone into the Apple Store to be repaired.  I announced that I wanted to go to Primark to look at Christmas jumpers as the kids need them for a school event and ended up getting stung for a rather cute Olaf onesie too!!

Here is my week in pictures:

week 46


313.  Proud of their Elf uniforms at Kingdom of the Elves

314.  Kian enjoying WWE

315.  Charliemoos photobombs me at the Hotter Shoes event

315.  Making Hama Beads with Olive

316.  First Haircut

317.  Bournemouth Pierzip in the dark!!

318.  Olaf onesie

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First Steps

Project 365 2014 – Week 45

This week has been a week of catching up and mountains of washing after our week away in half term, so we haven’t strayed too far from home, well, until this weekend anyway.

Monday saw Eliza and Isaac achieve their swimming badges which they have been working towards for a term and they are hugely proud of them and Sebby took his first unaided steps!

The weather has been rubbish, although it has produced some amazing rainbows and the one pictured below was probably the brightest I have ever seen – shame I didn’t have my big camera with me when it appeared.

On Thursday we got to go to a preview day of the new Giraffe restaurant at the Tesco where we used to work.  It was lovely to catch up with some old colleagues and the food was amazing.  Sebastian got a real taste for hubby’s marshmallows which were in his Rocky Road Sundae.

Friday saw me drive to the very end of the M4 and beyond in torrential rain to visit Bluestone Wales.  It is a stunning location and we have been busy looking around and taking part in some of various activities that they have to offer and using Sebastian’s new found skill to teach him how to jump in muddy puddles.

Here is our week in pictures:

Week 45

306.  Chilling in the bath

307.  Very proud of their swimming certificates

308.  A wet scoot to school

309.  No Eliza, that stick is too big to take home!

310.  Sebastian stealing Daddy’s marshmallows

311.  Rainbow

312.  Making Christmas decorations at Bluestone

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