Iron age roundhouse

Project 366 2016 – Week Twenty Eight

This week started well at home, with a barbecue to celebrate our new patio. We finished off making S’Mores – the perfect after dinner treat.

This was the kids penultimate week at school before the summer holidays and it is starting to tell as they are getting ratty and tired. Kian also started his job this week and has volunteered to work everyday!

We have spent most of the week at home, taking care of bits and bobs around the house, although we did build a sandpit for the kids next to the new patio.

Saturday was a very busy day with the school fayre, where the kids got to show off the iron age roundhouse they have been building, a 40th birthday party in the afternoon and my nieces birthday party in the evening. Lets just say we were all exhausted by the end of the day!

Here is my week in pictures:

Week 28


Project 366 2016 – Week Twenty Seven

This week started with some back breaking work, laying the patio and trying to get rid of all the dirt from where we laid it, but we finally have a patio that I have waited years for! Monday was Isaac’s sports day and I proudly watched as he won the long jump, which made me doubly proud as he was up against the tallest boy in the class (Isaac is the smallest). Tuesday was Hubby’s birthday and we celebrated after school with a trip to Pizza Hut for some dinner. Wednesday saw me heading to London for Asda’s Christmas in …

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Project 366 2016 – Week Twenty Four

It has been a week where we have mostly been at home but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been eventful. Sunday saw Eliza and Sebby at a bouncy castle birthday party and we collected a very tired Isaac from his first cub camp. We never did find out what they got up to as he was too tired to answer any questions, but he does want to do the one in the summer so it must have been fun. This week we have been out in the garden, planting pansies and building a new swing set which all the kids …

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Crazy Golf

Project 366 2016 – Week Twenty Three

After the manic week that was half term, this week has been almost the opposite but we have made some achievements this week. We ended last week at Butlins, getting the opportunity to dance with Diversity before watching them perform later in the evening before heading home – it really was an unforgettable experience. Monday saw the kids go back to school whilst I caught up with washing. Looking at the weather forecasts for the week it looked dire, so I made the decision to restart Sebby’s potty training journey, which had failed a few weeks before as he was not …

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Project 366 2016 – Week Twenty

What happened to the sunshine this week – I think we were all fooled into think summer was here!! We started week 20 with a belated birthday trip to Legoland Windsor after it was cancelled the previous week because Isaac was poorly. It was a lovely day out and we made a point of doing rides that we don’t normally do and discovered that the kids are a bit more daring than we first thought. Monday was back to the dreary weather and we needed umbrella’s for the school run. On Tuesday we had a morning of sunshine so I …

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