Top 4 Cruise Ideas To Get You Inspired

Cruise Ships

No matter where you are from in the world, you have more than likely come across a cruise that has been appealing to you before. If you’re a fan of the vast oceans and blue green waters, the thought of exploring the world by sea is highly exciting. With so many options and providers on the marketplace, however, choosing your top choice can be tricky. We hope to have narrowed things down for you in this article by listing some… Continue Reading “Top 4 Cruise Ideas To Get You Inspired”

#Win a Bizzi Growin Royal Princess and Dimple Blanket Gift Set Limited Edition


One of the rights of passage for any parent of little girls is buying them their first doll. With Eliza, her first doll was a cute ragdoll, wearing a dress embroidered with her name on and it still sits proudly on her bed seven years letter (after a small amount of emergency surgery). Kiddies Kingdom have offered me the perfect doll for any young princess – a Bizzi Growin Royal Princess and Dimple Blanket Gift Set Limited Edition to giveaway… Continue Reading “#Win a Bizzi Growin Royal Princess and Dimple Blanket Gift Set Limited Edition”

My Enchanted Mirror Review

Enchanted Mirror

Eliza loves nothing more than dressing up as a princess, so when we were invited to review My Enchanted Mirror from SAMBRO I knew it would be a magical treat she would adore. The pretty, hand-held, pink My Enchanted Mirror plays four magical games. Ask it questions and the mirror will understand and respond as if by magic. Ask the Mirror ‘Do I look pretty today?’ And hear the reply ’You are gorgeous! You look like a real princess.’ As… Continue Reading “My Enchanted Mirror Review”

Eliza’s 4th Birthday – A Princess Party

Dorset Dreamers

I have been planning Eliza’s birthday for what feels like months! Like most girls her age she is obsessed with Disney Princesses, especially the movie Frozen and asked for her very own Frozen party. Thankfully I knew exactly wear to start as I had been to Princess Ball at the end of last year where the Princesses were not only realistic but friendly and patient with the children.  I booked Dorset Dreamers for their platinum Princess Party Frozen package which gave… Continue Reading “Eliza’s 4th Birthday – A Princess Party”