AD: FREE 40-minute one-to-one maths tuition session for your child with toota

Isaac toota

How has lockdown tutoring been going? If your household has been anything like mine, it has been a bit up and down, with our main issues being Maths. Kids don’t seem to learn maths in the same way I was taught all those years ago. At the age of six, Sebastian’s work I can cope with, but this week it was Eliza’s fractions that really challenged us with boxes, boxes everywhere and we had to watch BBC Bitesize a number… Continue Reading “AD: FREE 40-minute one-to-one maths tuition session for your child with toota”

As you leave Primary School


Today has been an emotional day as Isaac leaves Primary School. It has been a busy few weeks for Isaac, with lots of practice for a prime role in his school play – Move It! as well as the Year 6 Leavers Beach Party and preparations for a swimming gala. The play was brilliant and proved that Isaac is a bit of a dancer on the quiet. The Year 6 Beach Party didn’t go quite so well as we were… Continue Reading “As you leave Primary School”

SATs: How to help your child manage exam stress

School Tests

It is just a few more days until SATs week 2019 and Isaac, like thousands of Year 6 students around the UK has been studying hard since the beginning of this school year. SATs are national tests that children take twice during their primary school life. Firstly, at the end of Key Stage 1 in Year 2, and then secondly, at the end of Key Stage 2 in Year 6 and are an indicator of the progress your child has… Continue Reading “SATs: How to help your child manage exam stress”

Brilliant Brainz Magazine

Brilliant Brainz Magazines

My kids have a real thirst for knowledge and love to read. Their teachers always encourage them to read a variety of different texts and although we regularly go to the library where they can choose comics as well as books, they still ask for expensive magazines full of adverts with plastic tat gifts when we visit the shops. I was contacted by Eleanor, the creator of Brilliant Brainz’ magazine, to take a look at her new monthly magazine aimed… Continue Reading “Brilliant Brainz Magazine”

Testing Times at School!


Yesterday I was reading an article on the BBC website saying that parents are planning a stay at home protestĀ over SATs exams that thousands of children should be taking next week and I have to admit that I was quite surprised. I was a child of the 70’s and have very fond memories of school, but I also have memories lots (and lots) of tests in school and from the age of 6. From spellings, lovingly kept in my Grandpa’s… Continue Reading “Testing Times at School!”