Unique Anniversary Gifts for the Couple Who (Seem to) Have It All


Picking out an exceptional anniversary gift that’ll thrill both halves of a couple is no easy feat. After all, no one wants to be responsible for that gift that’ll sit at the back of the wardrobe forever. So, what do you do when you’re faced with buying a spectacular anniversary present for a best friend or parent that already seems to have everything? Easy — just consult this list of unique anniversary gifts for the couple who has it all!… Continue Reading “Unique Anniversary Gifts for the Couple Who (Seem to) Have It All”

An unconventional Mother’s Day

Mothers Day

Over the last few years Mother’s Day have been a bit hit and miss. Parents of teens will know that they have a habit of sleeping in late and forgetting what day of the week it is, never mind if it is a special occasion. This year I wrote Mother’s Day off before it even started as my husband and eldest son both work in retail and have to work weekends and I managed to book myself in two places… Continue Reading “An unconventional Mother’s Day”

All I want for Christmas………

Christmas Presents

I cannot believe that it is December tomorrow. DECEMBER!!! I am so disorganised this year that Christmas has been the last thing on mind. I have a few presents that I have collected along the way but I still have the main bulk of the shopping to do. The trouble is, when you have older children it gets increasingly difficult to buy for them. What do you want for Christmas? Abbey’s answer was a House!………..well that is not really a… Continue Reading “All I want for Christmas………”

Milly&Flynn® – an exciting new world of gifts for children


Milly&Flynn® are an exciting new pre-school publisher of books, puzzles and games. Inspired by the company founder’s children and their love of beautiful books, toys and games they have created a unique range that children will enjoy and treasure. Milly&Flynn® aim to design, develop, manufacture and market ranges of beautiful pre-school books, puzzles and games. Aspiring to work in conjunction with recognised children’s licenses and leading illustrators to produce beautifully written and illustrated products and I was sent some of their… Continue Reading “Milly&Flynn® – an exciting new world of gifts for children”

#Win a pack of Promise and Wishcards and Pregnancy Milestone Cards from Baby Blooms

Milestone Card

Having a baby is a life changing moment in anyone’s lives and choosing the perfect gift for new parents can be a tough one. When we had our children I have to admit that I preferred practical gifts as I remember being so over-run with flowers when I had Kian that we had to go out and buy extra vases. Gifts I loved receiving were baby clothes, whether still on the hanger or dressed up like a bouquet, which is a… Continue Reading “#Win a pack of Promise and Wishcards and Pregnancy Milestone Cards from Baby Blooms”