Why are designer watches so expensive?

abbey 21

There are all sorts of reasons that a designer watch might be more expensive than something you might be able to find on the high street. There’s the time and effort that goes into such a piece, the heritage that comes with the brand name and the years of craftsmanship and research that have gone into creating the watch. Not to mention, of course, the consumer demand for such items, which influences the price tag. Heritage and prestige Brands such… Continue Reading “Why are designer watches so expensive?”

Fun at the Beach with Microscooters


We are huge fans of Microscooters in our house with Kian, Isaac, Eliza and I all owning one.  Seeing the kids scooting to school is a regular occurrence and I am normally left carrying them home hung over the pram. Last month the lovely team at Microscooters gave me the opportunity to give one of my blogging friends a very special Christmas present.  I had to choose some microscooters for their family up to the value of £120 and they… Continue Reading “Fun at the Beach with Microscooters”