Freelife Bébécash Nappies – Giveaway


Life with a baby doesn’t have to mean life without freedom. That’s why Ontex Healthcare is giving away three bundles of its Freelife Bébécash range to lucky ChelseaMamma readers. The prize bundles are worth over £20 each and include a pack of new born nappies, a pack of baby nappies and a pack of children’s pant style nappies. All Freelife Bébécash products feature a soft feel backsheet, are dermatologically tested and have elasticated side panels for a comfortable and secure… Continue Reading “Freelife Bébécash Nappies – Giveaway”

Nominate your Health Professional in the Real World Parenting Awards


I suffered with Gestational Diabetes with 3 of my pregnancies and one thing is for sure – I would not have got through them without the support of the Health Care Professionals that looked after me both during and after each pregnancy. Leaving hospital with a new baby can be a daunting experience, especially with your first baby, after all, in the real world, babies don’t come with an instruction manual, and new parents can be bombarded with well-meaning advice and… Continue Reading “Nominate your Health Professional in the Real World Parenting Awards”

#Win the new Pregnancy and Baby Milestone Books from Mother & Baby

Mother and Baby

Pregnancy is such an exciting and life-changing experience – but it can also be quite scary and overwhelming, especially with your first baby. With 60 years of experience in guiding women through pregnancy, the expertise of the team at Mother & Baby is second to none. As the UK’s number one Pregnancy, Baby and Toddler magazine, Pregnancy Milestones, covers everything you need to know about pre-conception, pregnancy and birth. It lets you know what to expect from every week of… Continue Reading “#Win the new Pregnancy and Baby Milestone Books from Mother & Baby”

No more babies here

Sebastian Birth

I was in two minds about watching One Born Every Minute last night. It is not because I don’t enjoy the series. I have followed it since in started in Southampton which isn’t far from me and a couple of the midwives in it I knew personally.  I enjoyed being able to share the joy, the pain and the beauty of childbirth plus the added bonus of laughing at the annoying husbands or partners. This series has brought home the… Continue Reading “No more babies here”