diddi dance is in da house… literally!

Diddi Dance

Pre-schoolers listen up! You can now join the ultimate dance craze, from the comfort of your playroom, as diddi dance launches its virtual studio! The award-winning brand has taught hundreds of thousands of little ones it’s funky dance moves since it launched 17 years ago, and now it’s going online to ensure families keep moving. Thoughtfully created for the under 5’s, each class has been tailored to nurture both physical and mental development. Combining the founders 20 years professional dance… Continue Reading “diddi dance is in da house… literally!”

The Grotlyn by Benji Davies – Review


Bedtime stories are very important in our house and although Eliza and Isaac are busying reading their own books now, they love listening in to Sebby’s stories. Over the last few months, Eliza has flown up the reading targets at school and has moved on from basic school reading books to the likes of Roald Dahl and Miranda Hart, but that hasn’t stopped her from liking shorter reading books too. We were sent The Grotlyn by Benji Davies to review… Continue Reading “The Grotlyn by Benji Davies – Review”

Kinetic Rock – Rock Crusher Review

Kinetic Rock Crusher

Like many boys his age, Sebastian likes to explore the world around him with a special affection for digging and getting absolutely filthy. Now there is a slightly cleaner alternative – Kinetic Rock and we were sent Kinetic Rock Crusher to review. Kinetic rock is real rock that magically sticks together and you can dig, build, and crush with the included rock crusher! The set takes a couple of minutes to put together by simply clicking the wheels on the… Continue Reading “Kinetic Rock – Rock Crusher Review”

Disney The Lion Guard Leap ‘n’ Roar Kion Review


I am a big fan of Disney’s The Lion King and now that Disney Jr are showing a new show that tells the story of Kion, Simba and Nala’s son from the original film, The Lion Guard, the kids are now too. We have a few of the Lion Guard toys now, but had a very unexpected but welcome delivery whilst we were away on holiday – Leap ‘n’ Roar Kion. Firstly, Kion looks like a gorgeous cuddly Lion, perfect to snuggle… Continue Reading “Disney The Lion Guard Leap ‘n’ Roar Kion Review”

Cotton Wool Parenting means Outdoor Play is in Decline

Bluebell Wood

We are huge fans of outdoor play, in fact we always joke that we have outdoor children as they don’t cope well with being cooped up indoors. Shocking new research by Sudocrem, which surveyed 2,000 UK parents, found that 62% think that parents today are more over- protective of their children than previous generations. Studies have shown that the number of children who participate in outdoor play has been dramatically decreasing over the last four decades. Children of this generation… Continue Reading “Cotton Wool Parenting means Outdoor Play is in Decline”