Wall Decoration Ideas to Style Your Kid’s Room

Kids Bedroom

While decorating a kid’s room is a very fun process, in some cases it can be a unique challenge. If you have a feisty seven-year-old sports fan or a teen princess, you are probably going to go back and forth with the decisions in designing their room according to their likes. However, by combining your kid’s imagination and your creativity, you can design a long-lasting place that your little ones will enjoy spending time in. Besides picking out the perfect… Continue Reading “Wall Decoration Ideas to Style Your Kid’s Room”

Printing Posters with Cheerz


Way back in April I read a review about Cheerz on Mummy Loves Blog and was intrigued by their range of products. Cheerz then invited me to review a product of my choice and being the indecisive person that I am when it comes to choosing which pictures to hang on the wall, I chose their poster which allowed me to have 35 photos, arranged however I wanted to hang on my wall. The website is super simple to use: Import… Continue Reading “Printing Posters with Cheerz”