Looking for a fidget toy good for all ages – try new Push Poppers

Push Poppers

Do you remember the Fidget Spinner craze, where everyone had one in the playground? Now there is a new fidget toy in town and I have to admit that even I love to play. We all love getting parcels in the post and the kids are always first to the bubble wrap as they enjoy making it pop. Push Poppers are a fiddle toy that behaves just like reusable bubble wrap. Just press the pop bubbles down, then flip it… Continue Reading “Looking for a fidget toy good for all ages – try new Push Poppers”

SuperZings Series 5 have arrived!!!

Sebby Super Zing

There is one collectible out there that has really caught Sebby’s imagination and stayed with him – SuperZings! If you have not heard of the SuperZings, they are every day items transformed into super heroes and super villains and the best bit is that they really are pocket-money toys, with blind bags starting from just 80p! As they have become more popular, there are now bigger playsets in the range, so you can build your own SuperZing story around Kaboom… Continue Reading “SuperZings Series 5 have arrived!!!”