Pandemic Planning a Wedding as a Full-Time Parent: A Guide

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Anyone having to plan a wedding during a pandemic will know how stressful it can be, and for anyone who is also a full time parent, it will feel twice as difficult, depending on how many children you have and what ages they are.  If you are a full time parent then you will know how hard it is to juggle anything with children, so planning a wedding is especially difficult. One thing that may help would be to make… Continue Reading “Pandemic Planning a Wedding as a Full-Time Parent: A Guide”

Children’s Parties on a Budget

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Party season is approaching.  Halloween is next month and Christmas is not too far away.  Everyone loves a party but planning and preparing for one can be stressful, and expensive.  According to research, parents spend more than £19,000 over a lifetime on children’s birthday parties and parents often feel under pressure to spend more than they can afford.  Parties don’t have to be expensive and by getting children involved in the planning and preparation you can save time and money… Continue Reading “Children’s Parties on a Budget”

Planning a Children’s Party


I have to admit I haven’t planned a “homemade” children’s party for a very long time as I preferred to go somewhere which organises it all for you, with activities, food and party bags all included. This year however, I have found that I have to go back to basics for Eliza’s party as she is insistent on having a Frozen theme! Last year we were invited to a Harry Potter Party organised by my good friend Joanne and had an amazing… Continue Reading “Planning a Children’s Party”