Planning to Take Your Pet with You on a Plane? Here Are 10 Things You Need to Know First

Dog on a Plane

Although it’s all for a good cause, airport security screening and airline rules can be stressful to comply with. For new flyers, just familiarizing themselves with the guidelines can be a lot to take in. Adding a pet into the mix makes traveling via plane that much more stressful as there are a handful of things to consider before even stepping foot on the plane. But instead of waiting until the day of the flight to figure things out, it’s… Continue Reading “Planning to Take Your Pet with You on a Plane? Here Are 10 Things You Need to Know First”

Airhogs E-Charger Review

air hogs

We love flying toys in our family but if I am honest they can be a bit hit and miss as to whether they work properly. This month we were sent the Airhogs E-Charger and Isaac could not wait to get to grips with it. Simply pop in 3 x AAA batteries into the charger, attach the plane to it, hold the button and the colourful micro-sized plane charges and is ready to fly in just 30 seconds. It has… Continue Reading “Airhogs E-Charger Review”

Peppa Pig Holiday Toys Review

Over the summer holidays we were lucky enough to be sent some Peppa Pig inspired holiday essentials which included passport holders, towels, a cap, swimming goggles, float toys and Grandpa Pig’s boat. Sadly the products arrived after our holiday abroad but the passport holders and swimming float toys have been tucked away safely ready for our Carnival Cruise next year. Sebby was more than keen to get playing with the Holiday boat and the Holiday Jet that we received previously.… Continue Reading “Peppa Pig Holiday Toys Review”

Holiday Inn Park Stay ‘n’ Go Service


On our recent holiday abroad we had an early morning flight which meant that we had to be up at 2am to get to the airport for 5am. In hindsight, a two-hour drive to the airport at that time of the morning was not the best idea as the kids were virtually impossible to get out of bed and the very earlier start made them rather more crabby than normal – just what you need with a two-hour wait in… Continue Reading “Holiday Inn Park Stay ‘n’ Go Service”

The Monkey, The Elephant and the Plane


During the weeks before our holiday to Turkey, Isaac was understandably nervous about flying as he had never flown before and despite numerous reassurances that it was nothing to worry about in the run up to our holiday, he looked terrified as we boarded the plane. The Stewardesses spotted his nerves and kindly took him to meet the pilot in the cockpit before it was time to take our seats and he came away proudly sporting a Pilot sticker and… Continue Reading “The Monkey, The Elephant and the Plane”