A real Christmas Tree from Pines and Needles

For many years we had a fake Christmas tree but after a holiday at Coombe Mill, and an introduction to having a real tree, we have been converted. For the last few years, we have used Pines and Needles for our tree. They have a shop in Boscombe where you can choose your perfect tree, or you can order your tree online, with a small extra delivery cost. The staff are extremely helpful and helped us select the perfect tree… Continue Reading “A real Christmas Tree from Pines and Needles”

Choosing our Christmas Tree with Pines & Needles, Bournemouth

Pines and Needles

We have had a fake Christmas Tree for as many years as I can remember but in 2013 that changed. During our holiday to Coombe Mill we had our first “real’ Christmas tree and fell in love with its look and smell and we have had a real tree ever since. In 2015, we discovered Pines and Needles who allowed us to order our tree online and have it delivered straight to the door which was very convenient. This year,… Continue Reading “Choosing our Christmas Tree with Pines & Needles, Bournemouth”

Real Christmas Trees Delivered Straight to the Door

Pines & Needles

For the first time ever this year we have a real Christmas Tree at home inspired by our Christmas holiday at Coombe Mill. One of the reasons we had never had a real Christmas tree was because we had no means of getting one home, especially with a car full of children. ┬áNow you can take the hassle out of getting your real Christmas tree home and order online with Pines and Needles who offer a complete range of Christmas… Continue Reading “Real Christmas Trees Delivered Straight to the Door”

A new Christmas Tradition

Coombe Mill

Yesterday Isaac asked me if we are going to Coombe Mill again this year for Christmas and was really disappointed when I explained that we couldn’t go this year because Daddy has to work. For the past two years we have joined Fiona and her family at their beautiful farm and it will be a big change being at home this year so we have decided we will have to start making some new traditions. There are two things we… Continue Reading “A new Christmas Tradition”