Preserve special memories with a photo book from bonusprint

Photo book

Preserving special memories seems even more important now we are in lockdown and our walls are filled with images of our memorable moments and travels. Perhaps you have a new baby in the family and are looking for the perfect gift for doting grandparents, or just want to put together memories of your favourite times together. With family and friends not able to get together at the moment, why not turn your favourite moments into a stunning high-quality printed photo… Continue Reading “Preserve special memories with a photo book from bonusprint”

Beautiful lockdown projects

Banjo Robinson

Weeks and weeks in lockdown can bring you down. But there are ways to spend your time that will result in lasting results. The key to making the most of the increased time we now spend indoors is to find good projects to keep us occupied. I’ve collected some beautiful lockdown projects that will make time fly by. Photos You know all those photos that are stored here and there that you’ve been meaning to put to use? This is… Continue Reading “Beautiful lockdown projects”