Why do girls perform better than boys in school?


You have no doubt heard it said that girls normally do not do as well as boys in maths or science, and that girls get better grades in languages and humanities. These assumptions have been bandied around for so long that some parents and teachers accept them as fact. However, instead of blindly accepting these statements, you should ask yourself whether there is any concrete evidence to support them. Well, according to research, the reverse is actually true. Girls tend… Continue Reading “Why do girls perform better than boys in school?”

Michelin Total Performance Tyres


We bought a new (to us) car in February and being an ex-mobility vehicle I knew it was well looked after and serviced regularly. It is a big car and when looking to buy it I also noticed that it had good quality Michelin tyres.  If I am honest, I have only ever bought the cheaper makes which have needed changing every six to eight months so I was intrigued to see if these lasted any longer. I do a… Continue Reading “Michelin Total Performance Tyres”