Peppa’s Family Home Review

Peppa Pig Family Home

Peppa Pig has been a big thing in our house for many years. The love started with Isaac and was then passed down to Eliza and then Sebastian and living close to Peppa Pig World has kept that love alive as it is one of our favourite places to visit. Our playroom has a section devoted to Peppa Pig and even though Isaac has grown out of it now, he still occasionally stops by to play with the toys with… Continue Reading “Peppa’s Family Home Review”

Peppa’s Alphaphonics Campervan

Peppa's Alphaphonic Campervan

Sebastian starts Nursery School next week and although is very competent at counting I am aware that he needs to start learning his phonic’s. We were invited to review Peppa’s Alphaphonics Campervan which supports children’s learning about the alphabet, spelling, phonics and word recognition. Peppa’s Alphaphonics Campervan features 8 games including: Find the Character or Object – Peppa will ask you to find the character or object. The Campervan will give you three attempts and if you get it wrong the first time… Continue Reading “Peppa’s Alphaphonics Campervan”

Peppa Pig Enchanting Tower Review

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig seems to be an enduring toy in our house and we have quite a few sets that Eliza and Sebastian love to play with. We were sent the Peppa Pig Enchanted Tower to review and like all our Peppa Pig sets was impressed with the attention to detail. The Tower looks just like it stepped out of the TV show and is made from good quality, thick plastic that will withstand rough play. The set is built as a… Continue Reading “Peppa Pig Enchanting Tower Review”

Classic Peppa Pig Toys

Peppa Pig

Isaac, Eliza were obsessed with Peppa Pig when they were younger and now it is Sebby’s turn to take over the mantle. Not only do we love the TV show, but we visit Peppa Pig World frequently as Sebby loves meeting all the recognisable characters from the show. We have Peppa Pig toys that have been handed down from Isaac and Eliza and they are all played with regularly. What I love about the toys is that all the toys… Continue Reading “Classic Peppa Pig Toys”