How to Give Your Garden a Summer Makeover

Furzey Gardens

With the glorious weather we’ve had recently, isn’t it time you finally made your garden the little oasis that it ought to be?! Well, there are lots of things you could do to improve your outdoor space, but here are some of the best tips to ensure that yours is fragrant, beautiful and bursting with life… First, remember that making over a garden is very much the same as making over any room in your home. This means that you… Continue Reading “How to Give Your Garden a Summer Makeover”

Project 366 2016 – Week Twenty Seven

This week started with some back breaking work, laying the patio and trying to get rid of all the dirt from where we laid it, but we finally have a patio that I have waited years for! Monday was Isaac’s sports day and I proudly watched as he won the long jump, which made me doubly proud as he was up against the tallest boy in the class (Isaac is the smallest). Tuesday was Hubby’s birthday and we celebrated after… Continue Reading “Project 366 2016 – Week Twenty Seven”

2016 – The Year of the Garden


Every year since we moved into our home we have said we are going to sort out our garden and every year something else crops up that needs our money spent on, so I have declared that this year will be the year of our garden. When we moved in to our home 11 years ago the garden was a gothic paradise with an over-grown hedge to one side and a giant rockery complete with statues plonked in the middle.… Continue Reading “2016 – The Year of the Garden”