Talking to the Teens with Boots UK #TeenTalk


Being a parent of tots through to teens often has its challenges. One minute I am discussing how silly Marshall is in Paw Patrol to chatting about how best to treat the latest outbreak of spots. People often ask me what it is like parenting a teenager and my reply is always the same – tough. Parenting is hard work at all stages of life. With babies it is the lack of sleep that is the killer, toddlers it is the… Continue Reading “Talking to the Teens with Boots UK #TeenTalk”

Could Hygge Reduce the Stress of Parenting?

It’s no secret that Denmark is famous for being the happiest nation on earth, and now hygge-mania is sweeping the UK with thirteen books on the subject hitting the best seller chart in 2016. But can hygge, the untranslatable Danish concept of cosiness and quality time together, still be applied when you have a new baby in the house? Does living in the moment hygge style make parents more stressed because it raises their expectations, or is it the equivalent… Continue Reading “Could Hygge Reduce the Stress of Parenting?”

How Technology Helps Me Parent

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The pressures to be the ‘perfect’ parent is always on the back of our minds, especially when becoming a first-time mother. There are no right or wrong way or no official ‘manual’ on how to parents however there are so many products on the market now that have changed the way we parent. From automated rocking chairs and video baby monitors, there are hundreds of thousands of products out there it can be hard to decide which ones would suit… Continue Reading “How Technology Helps Me Parent”

Save, Not Skimp: Frugal Money Tips for Moms

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If you are like most moms, you enjoy the nicer things in life, but may not be able to afford as many luxuries as you’d like. This doesn’t mean you can’t find all sorts of wonderful things to share with your kids and enrich your life. If you’re frugal and know how and where to shop, you can save without skimping on the stuff that makes your family happy. Planet-friendly, budget-friendly lifestyle Protect the Earth and your wallet, too, when… Continue Reading “Save, Not Skimp: Frugal Money Tips for Moms”

New survey reveals single parents missing out on child maintenance due to “complicated process”

Single Parent

A new study from financial advisors PayPlan has revealed a surprising number of single parents in the UK are not receiving Child Maintenance despite being eligible for it, something which frustrated me for many years. Raising a child is not cheap and it is not just about food and clothing. Doing it on a tight budget is challenging, especially if you are paying for childcare on top, or they have reached an age where they start getting invited on expensive school… Continue Reading “New survey reveals single parents missing out on child maintenance due to “complicated process””