Did You Know – These Design and Decor Trends Are Making interior Designers go Gaga


Interior design and décor is a dynamic field. The consumer needs to know with technological advances to develop new décor hacks and trends. In order to become a prosperous interior designer, one must stay abreast of the latest or emerging trends. By combining their skills with the trending design ideas, interior design or décor professionals can provide amazing and innovative solutions, to delight their clients. Trend 1: The sensation of black Black is becoming dominant in the world of interior… Continue Reading “Did You Know – These Design and Decor Trends Are Making interior Designers go Gaga”

The Importance of Prepping Before Painting


Painting can be a real labour of love. Like an iceberg, it’s only the top layer that we can see, but really it’s what’s going on underneath the surface that counts. So, don’t rush straight into painting, no matter how appealing the prospect of crisp white walls are! Skipping the prep work could mean having to redecorate in no time at all, so it really is worth the extra effort of doing the job right the first time. Surfaces must… Continue Reading “The Importance of Prepping Before Painting”

Decorating the Boys Room

Marvel Curtains

I last decorated the boy’s room when Abbey moved out 4 years ago and what was once a white room was looking tired and grubby. Having two, sometimes three, boys sharing a room caused its own problems too.  We had new windows with trickle vents put in 3 years ago to try to combat mould problems we had which worked in all rooms bar the boy’s room.  We could only put the continuing mould problems down to the fact that… Continue Reading “Decorating the Boys Room”