How To Take Your Online Relationship To The Next Level

Most online relationships fail to progress into physical ones due to interest loss. According to UK dating statistics, about 32% of couples met online and developed their relationship from 2015 to 2019. However, 12% of them failed to progress to the next stage of a developing relationship. These statistics reiterate the need to nurture your relationship. That said, here are some tips to take your online relationship to the next level.  Be sure of what you feel for the other person The tendency of people to live false lives on the internet is high. For many, false online lives give …

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Isaac toota

AD: FREE 40-minute one-to-one maths tuition session for your child with toota

How has lockdown tutoring been going? If your household has been anything like mine, it has been a bit up and down, with our main issues being Maths. Kids don’t seem to learn maths in the same way I was taught all those years ago. At the age of six, Sebastian’s work I can cope with, but this week it was Eliza’s fractions that really challenged us with boxes, boxes everywhere and we had to watch BBC Bitesize a number of times to understand how they do the working out. Then there is Isaac, who is in his first year …

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Mobile Phone

How mums can have fun online

Being a parent, especially one that stays at home with the kids full-time, takes up so much of your time it can make it difficult for you to do anything just for personal entertainment. Finding things to do online is a good option because you don’t need to leave the house and you already have everything you will need to do it. Life as a stay at home mum or dad, while being enormously rewarding, can leave you with little time for yourself. You are still an individual with your own interests and desires and it is important that you …

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Electric Jukebox

Introducing a new way of streaming music: Electric Jukebox #MusicMadeSimple

I mainly listen to music in the car these days. Like many families we got rid of our music players a long time ago as all our music started coming from downloads. We do have a DAB alarm clock in the bedroom, but rarely listen to music in the house as our old speaker that we used to pair with our iPhones no longer works as it is only compatible with the old version. We were invited to review the new Electric Jukebox, which is essentially Robbie Williams and pals taking on Jay-Z over at Tidal and the other streaming services. …

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Order your drinks online this Christmas with is the UK’s leading online drinks vendor, stocking the best drinks at the best prices and they’ll even deliver them to your doorstep the very next day. In 2015 was named the Best Online Drinks Retailer by the industry’s Drinks Business Awards. Offering wine, champagne, spirits, craft beer, cider, liqueurs – whatever you’re after, they’ll guide you to your perfect product. You can order anything from one bottle or a whole party from them or send an amazing gift safe in the knowledge that your entire selection will be outstanding, well priced and delivered the next day. Every …

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