Disappointment on National Offer Day


It has been a day we have been equally dreading / looking forward since last October when we submitted Isaac’s secondary school choices. Like all good parents, we trawled around half a dozen of our local schools, attended head teacher talks and got a feel for his preferred choices. For Isaac, there was one school that stood out head and shoulders above the rest and he has had his heart set on attending this school ever since. He completed the… Continue Reading “Disappointment on National Offer Day”

Benefits of Reward Credit Cards

credit cards

After getting into a bit of a financial mess when I was younger thanks to taking on too much credit without any proper financial advice I am wary of taking on any form of credit, however, having a credit card and using is sensibly can make you better off with reward cards. The premise is simple. Spend on one of these reward cards and they pay you – some of these cards even pay you cashback. Do it right and… Continue Reading “Benefits of Reward Credit Cards”