Turning a corner!


Isaac doesn’t have the best record at school and I have been ‘that‘ parent who the teacher wants to have a word with at the end of the day or called into school more times than I would like to admit. In fact it got to the stage where I dreaded the phone ringing or making the trip to collect him from school. We did get to the stage at the end of last year where we considered changing his… Continue Reading “Turning a corner!”

The Night Zookeeper School Visit – Inspiring Young Readers and Writers

Back in January we reviewed the Night Zookeeper book and Isaac and I were so impressed with it that we told the school all about the book and the school tour in the hope that they would invite them to our school, which they did. Yesterday Paul (the Night Zookeeper) visited our school with a mission to inspire the kids to use their imaginations and he did just that. I was lucky enough to sit in with each class as he… Continue Reading “The Night Zookeeper School Visit – Inspiring Young Readers and Writers”

Night Zookeeper Book Review and School Tour

Night Zookeeper

Anything that fires children’s imaginations is a hit in my book and we have been struggling with Isaac at school because if he doesn’t want to do something, no amount of persuasion will make him do it. It is a similar story with reading. He will read factual science books, anything about Dr Who and WWE but when it comes to stories he has never really been interested……..until now. We were sent the Night Zookeeper to review and Isaac has… Continue Reading “Night Zookeeper Book Review and School Tour”