Why You Should Declutter Your Home In 2021


If you have entered 2021 with a palpable sense of dread, you aren’t alone. Most of the time, a new year feels like a fresh start, a way to begin again after the year that has passed. Unfortunately, though, most of us feel exhausted as we head into this new year. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused chaos throughout our world and has led us to all feel pretty bleak at times. Despite this negative period for our society, there are… Continue Reading “Why You Should Declutter Your Home In 2021”

5 Fashion Trends Mums Need To Try In The New Year


The fashion industry never stands still for long. And for mums who are busy with looking after kids, that can be a challenge. You never quite know what’s coming down the pike, what’s acceptable to wear, and what isn’t.  2021 is shaping up to be an interesting year in the world of fashion. Nobody quite knows which way the year is going to go, and the fashion calendar is decidedly empty compared to, say, 2019.  Fortunately, there are three vaccines… Continue Reading “5 Fashion Trends Mums Need To Try In The New Year”

Project 365 2020 Week 52 – COVID Lockdown Week 41

Isaac and Eliza

It is the final week of the year and in typical 2020 style we end it in Tier 4 lockdown where we live due to escalating cases. The relaxation of Christmas rules has been reduced from five days to one day, which is a shame, but with a new highly contagious variant in the country, I understand the reasons why. Sunday 20th December The countdown to Christmas is officially on and the fun at work continues, meanwhile, the kids are… Continue Reading “Project 365 2020 Week 52 – COVID Lockdown Week 41”

How To Be Ready For What 2021 Will Bring

new year

If we are being honest, 2020 was a year that none of us could have been prepared for. Had a time-traveller visited you in the middle of last year and presented you with a copy of any newspaper from March 2020 or later, the headlines would have been close to incomprehensible. If the year has taught us one thing, it is that preparedness for unforeseen events is more important than any of us realised, and many of us have spent… Continue Reading “How To Be Ready For What 2021 Will Bring”

Did I achieve my 19 Goals for 2019?

Mount Snowdon

Back at the beginning of January last year I set myself a challenge of 19 goals for 2019. My aim was to check back on them and do a monthly update, but life got in the way and it was only when writing my yearly round-up that I fell back across it. The question is, did any of my goals stick in my head enough to achieve them? Do more walking Ironically, we have just watched Julia Bradbury’s Britain’s 100 Favourite Walks… Continue Reading “Did I achieve my 19 Goals for 2019?”