A new Skincare Routine with Boots Organics

Boots Botanics

It is safe to say that my skincare regime in my twenties and early thirties was non-existent. I was one of those annoyingly lucky people who had clear skin and looked much younger than my years – I even got asked for ID on my 30th birthday! It is only in the last few years that I have noticed a dramatic difference in my skin. I was diagnosed with acne rosacea in my late twenties, but was only really affected… Continue Reading “A new Skincare Routine with Boots Organics”

Making S’Mores and Introducing Flamers Natural Firelighters


CERTAINLY WOOD Flamers natural firelighters are untreated, wax dipped fine wood shavings. Recommended for all fire lighting, both summer and winter. Available in boxes of 24 or 50, these are loved by all because they are natural, odourless, easy to light and have a long burn. CERTAINLY WOOD the inventor of kiln dried firewood, is a family business and the largest specialist firewood supplier in the UK. All logs are dried in unique wood fired kilns, and solar panels provide… Continue Reading “Making S’Mores and Introducing Flamers Natural Firelighters”

Cool down with a Jubbly


Are you looking for an after school / holiday treat to cool the kids down in the heatwave? What could be more refreshing than an ice-cold Jubbly? The refreshing hand freeze-at-home ice lollies are made from real fruit juice and natural mineral water – each one has less than 20 calories! With natural colours and flavours and no preservatives they are a healthy alternative to ice pops and more expensive lollies – plus at 99p for 8, they’re kind to… Continue Reading “Cool down with a Jubbly”

Natural History Museum

Do you remember going to the Natural History Museum on a school coach too many years ago to count? I do! I remember the impressive dinosaur skeletons, the huge blue whale and spending my pocket-money in the shop. The question is – has it changed? Yes, but don’t worry, the dinosaurs and blue whale are still there! Personally I think the Natural History Museum is one of the most beautiful buildings in London.  The only downside of its position is… Continue Reading “Natural History Museum”



I struggle with a few skin complaints and it was something I hoped that I wouldn’t pass down to my children.  When Sebastian was born he had very dry skin but a combination of moisturising and daily massage seems to have help immensely but now Eliza seems to be suffering with dry skin on her face thanks to the weather. I always try and use products that won’t irritate their skin but often find them bland and boring, but then… Continue Reading “Miamoo”