Project 365 2021 – Week Forty Eight

It’s been a bit of a challenging week in our house, with Isaac, Eliza and my husband all down with a nasty cold and sore throat. Thankfully their PCR’s all came back negative. Isaac’s school is badly affected by both staff and pupil absence and we have had notification that his year group will be working from home next week. Eliza and Sebby’s school seems ok, although they also have a lot of pupil absence too. Here is our week: Sunday 28th November After the excitement of yesterday’s visit to Warner Bros Studio Tour, it was back to earth with …

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Project 365 2021 – Week Forty Seven

It has been a very busy week for us, even by our standards! The kids have seen three shows this week, we started with Frozen on Sunday, Elf the Musical on Wednesday and then a local amateur dramatics pantomime on Thursday! My husband and I got a rare evening off and went out for dinner, I passed my COVID friendly first aid course, which basically means no practical work and we even saw snow – the real stuff! Here is our week: Sunday 21st November Frozen day!!!!!!! We stayed in Kensington, so before we headed to the theatre we walked …

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Project 365 2021 – Week Forty Six

This week has been a busy week with work and various clubs and events that the kids have had to be ferried to. At the beginning of the week, Isaac and Eliza took part in the local Remembrance Sunday parade with their scout troop and by the end of the week, the boys were in Sussex to stay with their big brother Callan and we were in London with Eliza to see Frozen. Here is our week: Sunday 14th November It is back to normal for Remembrance Sunday this year and Isaac and Eliza both took part in the Remembrance …

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Project 365 2021 – Week Forty One and Forty Two

I am not sure where the last two weeks have gone, but I have barely had time to blog. Things are changing here, with clubs starting up again and nights moving around. Eliza is now in Scouts with Isaac and Sebby has moved up to Cubs. Eliza has also started Branksome Surf Life Saving, Parkour and Synchro, so we are back to the juggle. COVID is big news here, with kids dropping like flies in both Sebby and Eliza’s class, thankfully it seems to have avoided us but I have a feeling it is only a matter of time now. …

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Pogo Stick

Project 365 2021 – Week Thirty Four

We have decided to end the summer holiday’s with a bit of a bang. This week has seen us in London and back down south, for not one, but two festivals. The first of the two, Victorious, is a firm favourite but I have to admit that now the kids are older, there isn’t as much for them to do. We found it much busier than usual and had to go in search of quieter areas, but enjoyed it nonetheless. The second of the two, Runfestrun / Carfest, was just as busy, although more spaced out. The kids loved the …

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