ROXI: Giving families 5 music entertainment products in 1 easy-to-use box


Last year we reviewed Electric Jukebox, which offers all the benefits of premium music streaming in a box without the need for a smartphone, a PC, or monthly subscription. This year the team behind Electric Jukebox have launched ROXI, which works through the family TV and speakers, bringing the family together through shared music experiences in the home. Unlike the original Electric Jukebox, ROXI gives you 5 music entertainment products in 1 easy-to-use box:  Music Streaming, Karaoke, Worldwide Radio, Music… Continue Reading “ROXI: Giving families 5 music entertainment products in 1 easy-to-use box”

Introducing a new way of streaming music: Electric Jukebox #MusicMadeSimple

Electric Jukebox

I mainly listen to music in the car these days. Like many families we got rid of our music players a long time ago as all our music started coming from downloads. We do have a DAB alarm clock in the bedroom, but rarely listen to music in the house as our old speaker that we used to pair with our iPhones no longer works as it is only compatible with the old version. We were invited to review the… Continue Reading “Introducing a new way of streaming music: Electric Jukebox #MusicMadeSimple”

I am a music man………..


One of Sebby’s favourite songs from playgroup is the Music Man and he really gets involved with doing the actions. Singing and chanting together isn’t just fun – it’s a great way to introduce children to new words. Research has shown that the wider a child’s vocabulary is, the better reader they’re likely to become. Now it is not just about the singing, but we have introduced Sebby to the idea of making his own music by tapping, banging or… Continue Reading “I am a music man………..”

It’s all about the 80’s

80's party

I have always taken pride in the fact that I (mostly) like chart music, and will choose the radio over a CD 90% of the time as I like variety in my music. My radio choices have changed over the last few years, mainly fuelled by Chris Moyles leaving Radio One.  I know he was marmite for a lot of people but I found his dry humour and banter with his colleagues refreshing.  Now with Grimmy on the breakfast show… Continue Reading “It’s all about the 80’s”