Exploring The Golden Hind in Brixham

I am a bit of a history geek and my favourite period is the Tudors so when I found out there was a full size replica of the Golden Hind in Brixham, just 15 minutes from where we were staying on our recent holiday in Torquay, it was top of my want to visit list. The Golden Hind at Brixham is a full-sized replica of one of the most iconic ships from the age of exploration and is set up… Continue Reading “Exploring The Golden Hind in Brixham”

Saturday is Caption Day – 4th October 2014

Milestones Museum

A couple of weeks ago we took a trip to Milestones Museum in Basingstoke, where the kids got to experience what life was like in wartime Britain. Isaac and Eliza were most fascinated by an old toy shop and spent what felt like ages asking questions about the toys on display. When we finally ventured outside we found two mannequins looking in the window and Eliza’s reaction is classic, but what to you think she is saying? Give me your… Continue Reading “Saturday is Caption Day – 4th October 2014”

Milestones Museum Review

Milestones Museum

Last weekend we were invited to Milestones Museum to have a look around and see what it offered. Milestones Museum is a living history museum with collections of industrial and everyday life, set in Basingstoke, Hampshire and their current exhibition is a soldier’s journey home from war which sees visitors travel back in time with Tom and Emily to the streets of wartime Hampshire to mark the centenary of the First World War. Hubby and Kian both love wartime history and… Continue Reading “Milestones Museum Review”

The Science Museum in London

After our visit to the Natural History Museum, we headed over the road to the Science Museum. Like the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum is free, although you do have to pay extra to visit the IMAX cinema and some exhibitions. Where the Science Museum excels, is in keeping children and adults interested, with interactive exhibitions that make science fun! We were here 5 hours, although it didn’t feel like it, and the children were in their element.  … Continue Reading “The Science Museum in London”

Natural History Museum

Do you remember going to the Natural History Museum on a school coach too many years ago to count? I do! I remember the impressive dinosaur skeletons, the huge blue whale and spending my pocket-money in the shop. The question is – has it changed? Yes, but don’t worry, the dinosaurs and blue whale are still there! Personally I think the Natural History Museum is one of the most beautiful buildings in London.  The only downside of its position is… Continue Reading “Natural History Museum”