AD: Making everyday life easier with the MAM Easy Start Breast Milk Bottle

Welcoming a baby into the family is a life changing experience for everyone involved and it takes a while to get into the swing of a new routine. In the early days, us mums have a lot to deal with, from the pain of everything healing downstairs to our milk coming in, the baby blues to the sheer exhaustion of looking after a tiny human. One thing I was keen to do was to breastfeed, but it also left me anxious. Was Lilah getting enough milk, was she latched on correctly? When my milk did come in, I really struggled …

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Can Walt Disney World keep everyone happy? – Epcot

If there is one thing that Walt Disney World is, it is fun for ALL the family. Walt Disney World is a champion of family time with four theme parks and two water parks, each with unique theming and attractions, plus dining shopping and entertainment experiences, there really is something for everyone at Walt Disney World and I have already shared my thoughts on Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Epcot Epcot is the park I was most intrigued to visit as it was the one I knew the least about, other than its iconic ball-shaped structure. Epcot consists of two distinct parts, Future …

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Preparing for a magical trip to Walt Disney World

When I applied to visit Walt Disney World with in the middle of a rainstorm in a wet and muddy field at Camp Bestival I had no idea that we would actually be chosen. Fast forward just over a week later and just before our walking holiday in the Lake District, an email came in to say we had been chosen. Hubby and I were stupidly excited but chose not to say anything to the kids until we had all the dates and booking information as we know they would have demanded an update on a daily basis and …

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New Shoes, for the car?

 Who doesn’t love a new pair of good quality shoes? That feeling when you slip your feet inside them and admire them in the mirror cannot be beaten and you walk around with that “new shoe smile” all day! Cars don’t have feelings, but they need new shoes too and you still get that warm glow looking a the lovely set of gleaming black tyres when you take it away from the garage, or after having it washed! I am quite a rarity in our household as it is me that tends to organise the car maintenance, check the oil …

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