Should Your Children Be Dressing Themselves?

Muddy Puddles

If you’ve ever picked your child up from school and noticed that they’re wearing their shirt inside out after a PE lesson, perhaps you’ll have thought they’re not ready to be responsible for dressing themselves. But, sticking-out labels aside, there’s a good argument for letting children dress themselves… particularly if they’ve been showing signs of wanting to have more control over what they’re wearing! For example, allowing children to dress themselves gives them a sense of independence -something they don’t… Continue Reading “Should Your Children Be Dressing Themselves?”

Muddy Puddles Storm Explorer Jacket Review

Storm Explorer Muddy Puddles

The weather here is still around 20°C and it seems strange thinking about winter coats, however, the nights are drawing in fast and it won’t be long before the kids need a couple of extra layers of clothing to keep them warm. We were sent the Storm Explorer Jacket from Muddy Puddles to review that will keep the kids warm and dry whatever the weather. The unisex jacket comes in navy with a striking red warm super soft zip out… Continue Reading “Muddy Puddles Storm Explorer Jacket Review”

Puddleflex Wellies Review

Muddy Puddles

We are off to Coombemill this Christmas and I have been starting to get all the things that we will need for our trip.  Looking through all the equipment we used last year, most of it still fits but there is always something they have grown out of……….wellies. I have been budgeting and getting them bit by bit with Eliza getting hers over half term and Sebastian got his first pair whilst we were at Bluestone as the weather was very… Continue Reading “Puddleflex Wellies Review”