Things You Should Consider Before Moving Your Family to Singapore

Relocating your family to a different country is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever be faced with. While a lot of upheaval and anxiety can come from moving, it can also bring it with a range of opportunities that all the family can benefit from. Singapore is a unique and picturesque country in Southeast Asia that is well-known for its business hub and delicious cuisine. However, there are several factors that you should consider before making the move, from the huge difference in culture, to the way of life and customs that its residents live by. So, …

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Moving Home

Tips for Moving Home This Summer

Hopefully, this summer will be a bit more free and easy than the last one, which is good news if you happen to be moving home. You want a home move that’s as easy and fast as possible, so it pays to start planning and organising early, even as early as spring. The more groundwork you do, the simpler it will be to move your home lock and stock to a smart new place. Plan your move early  The longer you leave it, the more work you have to do; there is also more chance of you getting the details …

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The real reasons why you don’t want to move home

Moving House! Two of the most stressful words in the english language for me. When I was renting I moved every couple of years, mainly because landlords wanted to take full advantage of the ever-increasing value of their homes and sell them on for a decent profit. It was a relief when we finally managed to buy our house, almost 14 years ago, but it wasn’t all plain sailing. Our first choice house fell through thanks to the legal team taking far too long at getting the paperwork sorted and once we had found the second choice house and got …

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