Looking After Your New Motorcycle: Must-Read Tips


A waterproof motorcycle cover, along with your safety clothing and helmet, should be top of your shopping list if you own a motorbike. Not only will it provide additional security for your bike when you are not riding it, but it is one of the essentials if you are storing your bike over the winter months. However, choosing the right waterproof cover is important. A substandard cover could leave you with more problems, as well as reducing the effectiveness of… Continue Reading “Looking After Your New Motorcycle: Must-Read Tips”

Turbospoke – turning your bike into a Motorbike!


Turbospoke is the award-winning motorcycle style exhaust system that fits any type of bicycle. Turbospoke not only makes your childs bike look like a real motorbike, it actually converts pedal power into making engine sounds. You can fit the Turbospoke to either side of the bike, which also means if you want to be really noisy you can even have two!! Isaac could not wait to get this fitted to his bike and although the instructions said it would take… Continue Reading “Turbospoke – turning your bike into a Motorbike!”