The top 3 emergencies we all forget to plan for

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Life tends to enjoy throwing the odd hurdle in our way and has quite a habit of doing so at the worst possible time. Money is tight for many of us right now, with living costs seemingly rising by the day while wages plateau. That means most of us are living financially in the moment, so what happens when something unexpected comes along? With more young adults than ever having little to no savings whatsoever, emergencies can cause huge financial… Continue Reading “The top 3 emergencies we all forget to plan for”

Money lessons – getting the kids in the know

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At school children are taught the importance of numbers, which coins are worth what and how to add, subtract, divide and multiply. But what kids aren’t taught, is the value of money. That tricky subject is left down to us. So how to we go about teaching our children the importance of saving, making good choices and how to effectively manage their money. Whether it’s a few coins from their pocket money or a substantial amount for a birthday or… Continue Reading “Money lessons – getting the kids in the know”

Financial Fitness for Big Families: How to Make Ends Meet with Many Mouths to Feed

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You wouldn’t swap your busy family life for anything but having a large and growing clan presents its challenges and you need to be savvy with every penny if you are going to be able to make ends meet every month. Here is a look at some tips that can help you to keep your finances in the black even when you are responsible for a big family, including how to eat well for less, a smart way to dress… Continue Reading “Financial Fitness for Big Families: How to Make Ends Meet with Many Mouths to Feed”

How Not to Let Baby Derail Your Retirement Planning


New babies are an adorable, lovable, miraculous way to stress out parents. There will be good days, like when baby takes the first steps. Then there will be bad days, like runny noses and fevers. One constant that can begin even before baby’s arrival is the stress a new baby places on a family’s budget. The list of “must haves” seems endless: nappies, clothing, nursery set up, toys, meals, medical care, on and on in endless progression, always changing as… Continue Reading “How Not to Let Baby Derail Your Retirement Planning”

Show me the Money!

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I dread checking the kid’s school bags these days – not for the dreaded homework, although could be a rant for another post, but for the dreaded “love letters” from the school. I love my kids getting to go on school trips as I think they learn far more from an interactive day out, however, it’s the cost of these trips.  On each letter we are asked for a “voluntary contribution” followed by the line “this trip may be cancelled… Continue Reading “Show me the Money!”