Review: Learning Resources Money Activity Set

Learning Resources

Sebby is in Year 2 at school and has started learning about money. As part of his home learning this week, he was set some work to do involving money and it was the perfect time to bring out his Learning Resources Money Activity Set. The set has been designed to encourage children to use real-world situations when learning about the value of money with this money-themed activity set. In the box: 70 plastic UK coins 12 x play notes… Continue Reading “Review: Learning Resources Money Activity Set”

Easy Ways To Cut Costs On Family Living Expenses


Regardless of the amount that you earn, when you have a family to care for and household expenses to cover, it never seems to be quite enough. The truth is that most families will struggle with money at one point or another – most families are always on the lookout for ways in which they can cut costs and reduce their monthly outgoings.  Making ends meet even before the current crisis was tough for many families, but now it’s harder… Continue Reading “Easy Ways To Cut Costs On Family Living Expenses”

Quick Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Cash

Money saving

Most of us have a complicated relationship with money. Although we know that we rely on cash for everything from paying bills to dealing with everyday food costs, it can be difficult to feel anything but stress when we look at our bank accounts. That’s because while it takes a long time to build a sold emergency savings fund, it can take only seconds to destroy your budget, and leave you wondering what happened to all of your good intentions.… Continue Reading “Quick Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Cash”

The top 3 emergencies we all forget to plan for

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Life tends to enjoy throwing the odd hurdle in our way and has quite a habit of doing so at the worst possible time. Money is tight for many of us right now, with living costs seemingly rising by the day while wages plateau. That means most of us are living financially in the moment, so what happens when something unexpected comes along? With more young adults than ever having little to no savings whatsoever, emergencies can cause huge financial… Continue Reading “The top 3 emergencies we all forget to plan for”

Money lessons – getting the kids in the know

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At school children are taught the importance of numbers, which coins are worth what and how to add, subtract, divide and multiply. But what kids aren’t taught, is the value of money. That tricky subject is left down to us. So how to we go about teaching our children the importance of saving, making good choices and how to effectively manage their money. Whether it’s a few coins from their pocket money or a substantial amount for a birthday or… Continue Reading “Money lessons – getting the kids in the know”