Minecraft Wild Animal Pack

Are your kids Minecraft mad? When Kian was obsessed with Minecraft a few years ago, there was no merchandise out there to buy him. He spent a good few years playing the sandbox video game game and even had his own world at one point, but he grew out of it a couple of years ago, now choosing to play Smite where he has control of mythological Gods. Now it is Isaac that has been drawn into the world of… Continue Reading “Minecraft Wild Animal Pack”

It’s all about LEGO this Christmas!

LEGO Movie

Kian and Isaac’s favourite film this year has to be LEGO Movie, so you can imagine their excitement when we were sent the 2-in-1 Castle Cavalry to review. Keep a look-out for Lord Business’ robots from the castle tower with the soldiers and knights. Get the crossbow ready and prepare the mobile catapult on the ground. If you see the Micro Manager trying to grab the civilians, use your creative skills to convert the castle into the armoured Castle Cavalry.… Continue Reading “It’s all about LEGO this Christmas!”

Minecraft Figures Review

Kian is obsessed with Minecraft! Not only does he play it on his laptop, but on the XBox360 and even his phone!  When he isn’t playing it he is watching it on you tube! Much as I try to take an interest in it, I just don’t understand it.  It is not all bad though as he manages a database and is developing online and computer skills that far surpass mine. For his birthday last year I bought him a… Continue Reading “Minecraft Figures Review”